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MarCum Warranty repair process

  1. Register your system on our support site:
    Please login to your account and click on MarCum Warranty under "Links" on the right side of the page (See Figure #1). Then click on Register your product to validate and register your system.

    Figure #1

    NOTE: If you have contacted us via email, the ask a question page or placed an order before registering, your email address is automatically registered in our system.
    If you lost your password please click here to reset.
    Once logged in, update your profile to include all your information and product registration. You may also want to change your password

  2. Once you're registered:
    Click on Submit a warranty claim (See figure #2) to begin the the process of getting your system repaired.
    Make sure you attach a copy of your Proof of Purchase/Receipt to the warranty claim found on the bottom of the page.

    Figure #2

  3. Package up your system to be mailed:
    In most cases, we will only need the head unit and transducer. 
    Please place all parts in a box with bubble wrap or other suitable packing materials.
    If you feel you are having issues with any other part of your system, please include those parts as well.

    NOTE: Please never ship a external battery. There is no need to remove the batteries from products that have internal lithium batteries.(Recon 5/5+, Lithium Shuttle or RT-9 tablets)

  4. Ship your system:
    Ship your system to the address listed below
    (You are responsible for shipping costs to MarCum Technologies and maintaining tracking details)
    MarCum Technologies will cover the return shipping of the system after it has been repaired.

    Send to:
    MarCum Technologies
    Reference #
    3943 Quebec Ave N.
    New Hope, MN 55427

    You may ship to us by US Mail, UPS, FedEX, or Spee-Dee.

  5. What to Expect:
    Please allow time of shipping and at least 3 business days once the item has arrived before inquiry.  Once the item has been assessed you will receive a email that the unit has been checked in for repair and estimated repair time. Typical turn around time is about a week. Once the system has been repaired, you will receive an additional email stating what was repaired along with tracking information so you are able to track the system in the mail on its way back to you.  

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