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MarCum Product Registration

Follow the 2 step process below to register your product:

The warranty is valid only for the original owner who purchases the unit from an authorized dealer. Warranties do not transfer.

1. Please login by clicking "Your Account" on the right side of the page under "Claim Links" (See Figure #1). If you do not have an account with us already, you can Create an account found under "Your Account" and then "Sign Up" (See Figure #2) 

NOTE: If you have contacted us via email or the submit a question page before registering, your email address is automatically registered in our system. If you lost your password please click here to reset.

Figure #1


Figure #2

After you have logged in to your account, click on Register a new product on your Account Overview page (See Figure #3) to validate and register your product within our support system; using the systems serial number.

Figure #3

2. After you have registered your product, You may also want to change your password at this time as well. (See figure #4)

Figure #4


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