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MarCum Non-warranty repair process, Non-Canadian customers

  1. Pay for the flat rate repair on our website by following the appropriate link below:
    (You will be paying for the flat repair of your system and the cost of return shipping after the system has been repaired.)

    Digital Series Repair- $125.00
    (LX-6/6s, LX-7, LX-9 Sonar Only)

    Flasher Series Repair- $80.00
    (VX-1,LX-3,LX-5, i & M-series Sonar Only)

    Showdown Troller 2.0- $65.00
    (Repair/Software Update)

    Showdown 5.6- $80.00
    (Repair/Software Update)

    LX-i Repair- $50.00
    (Handheld sonar)

    Wireless and Wired Camera Panners- $50.00
    (Camera panner repair)

    Lithium Shuttle Battery Replacement- $140.00

    Lithium Shuttle Repair- $125.00

    Camera Diagnostic- $50.00 + parts

    (CAMERA REPAIR NOTE: This cost will cover the diagnostic of your system and any parts up to $50. You will be contacted for payment if more parts are needed prior to any further repairs are done. Typical camera costs: Control boards $25-$75. Recon Cameras: $80-$110. Non-Recon Cameras: $100-$230. LX-9 camera only: $230)

    RT-9 Diagnostic- $50.00 + parts
    (RT-9 REPAIR NOTE: This will cover the diagnostic of your system and any parts up to $50. You will be contacted for payment if more parts are needed)

    ***MarCum Technologies does not accept checks. If a check is received, we will void the check, mail it back to you and contact you for payment via credit card.***

  2. Package up your system to be mailed:
    In most cases, we will only need the head unit and transducer. Please place all parts in a box with bubble wrap or other suitable packing materials. If you feel you are having issues with any other part of your system, please include those parts as well.

    NOTE: Please never ship a external battery. There is no need to remove the batteries from products that have internal batteries. (Recon 5/5+, Lithium Shuttle, RT-9 tablets, or PanCam Systems)            
  3. Ship your system:
    Ship your system to the address listed below
    (You are responsible for all shipping costs to MarCum and maintaining tracking details).

    Send to:
    MarCum Technologies:
    Order # (You will get this after payment in Step #1)
    3943 Quebec Ave N.
    New Hope, MN 55427

    You may ship to us by US Mail, UPS, FedEx, or Spee-Dee.

  4. What to Expect:
    Please allow time of shipping and at least 3 business days once the item has arrived before inquiry.  Once the item has been assessed you will receive a e-mail that the system has been checked in for service and estimated repair time. Typical turn around time is about a week. Once the system has been repaired, you will receive an additional e-mail stating what was repaired along with tracking information so you are able to track the system in the mail on its way back to you.  

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